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An Anchor in the Community

Dear Friends,

As we prepare to vote in the coming week, I saw this quote in a magazine by Sharon Salzberg and thought it was appropriate for us at this time. She said, “Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world.”

In just a few short days we will all go to the polls to elect a new president, and I asked myself, “What will this election mean to me? How will it affect those we serve?” Given the pandemic, my hope is that everyone who can vote, does. I hope that when this election is over we can bring back civility and find common ground to solve our most critical problems; fair and just wages, good jobs, safe and affordable housing, quality education, affordable health care, and access to healthy food. THESE THINGS REALLY MATTER!

In the meantime, Bread and Life will continue to be an anchor in the community providing support to those reeling from this pandemic — particularly those who are food insecure. During the month of October, we saw a 68% increase in the number of guests served and through our outreach efforts now touch 25 communities in Brooklyn and Queens reaching more than 5,000 guests weekly.

As always I am grateful for our faithful donors, and this month I want to recognize our events consultant Lucy Walters, Peter Barcia, Frank Freda, Angelo Grima, Brat McDade, Mike Nehlsen, Frank Lo Castro, Dewey Fattorusso, Lou Mantia, Desmond Burke, Al Voci and Brian Horan who did a great job with our first annual Golf Outing. Through their efforts we raised more than $30,000 to provide an additional 30,000 hot meals to combat hunger in our community.

In gratitude,

Sr. Caroline Tweedy, RSM
Executive Director

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