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COVID-19: How To Help

During this COVID-19 crisis many people have asked us what they can do to help. Here is a quick guide:

Yes, do this:

1. Donate money to your local, open food pantry. Do research online to figure out where your local pantries are and call or check online to make sure they are still in operation.

2. Post the information about your local food pantry to social media, including the hours the pantry is open, and ask others to share that information.

3. Check in on those who you are concerned might need emergency food. If they are elderly or immunocompromised and housebound, offer to pick up a bag and drop it off to them outside their door.


1. Avoid attempting to drop off food of any kind at a food pantry. While canned food drives are normally greatly appreciated, at this time very few pantries at the heart of the epidemic have staff to process donations. We are also working hard to keep our facilities safe and sanitized, and sanitizing home-donated food would be a necessary and very difficult task.

2. Do not use this time to shame people who do not have enough food at home. Many people do not have enough money to ensure 30 days, or even three days, of food is on hand. It is important that children and families have access to the food they need without judgment.

In this time of crisis let us act with grace for those around us; we will get through this together. For press inquiries email Please see the below graphic that explains more about the emergency food ecosystem: